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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Killarney Falls

Escape the summer heat and visit the Killarney Falls about 35km south east of Warwick. You will be rewarded with some scenic and spectacular mountain views and a number of waterfalls.
Thanks Ross and Cher for your contributions.

Springbluff Railway Station

Are you looking for history, country feel and and romantic? Head west and visit Spring Bluff Railway Station, a heritage listed site between Brisbane and Toowoomba.
Thanks Ross and Cher for your contribution

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brisbane - Fort Lytton National Park

Did you know there is a National Park in the most industrial aera of Brisbane? Surrounded by refineries, Queensland largest general cargo port, Australia’s fastest-growing container port and the Brisbane Airport only a few km's away. Fort Lytton NP is a treasure, if you haven't been there it is highly recommended to pay a visit. Ross and Cheryl have put together for you this great guide. And if want to enjoy even more of your journey trough time make sure you visit "History Alive", it's a photographers delight.
Sat 25th & Sun 26th July 2009

Toowoomba's Japanese Gardens

Ross & Cheryl noticed that those damn cockroaches were getting ahead (with free photoguides only...hehe) - here is a guide to the wonderful Toowoomba Japanese Gardens to try and balance the ledger!!! The Toowoomba Japanese Garden is the largest, most complex and traditionally designed Japanese Garden in Australia. Enjoy this great guide from Ross & Cheryl

Friday, January 2, 2009

Brisbane innercity - Alleyways

For all you inner city photographers- here is an interesting guide about our Brisbane inner city alleys. Alley walls provide expansive and affordable canvases and have that "underground" appeal that nourishes creative expression. Matthew Stewart has put together this fantastic Brisbane Alley Guide. Exercise caution and good judgment when doing this kind of photography and always have your mobile phone with you.
Thanks Matthew for your contribution