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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Springbrook NP - Natural Bridge

Water and time have formed an unusual geological feature in the dense Rainforest of Springbrook National Park. The Natural Bridge is a waterfall that plunges through the the roof of a cave into a beautiful sun-dappled rainforest grotto, which is home to glow-worms, bats and other denizens of the dark. Ross and Cheryl have described the beauty of this natural delight in their latest guide.
Thanks Ross and Cheryl for your contribution.

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Springbrook NP - Twin Falls
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Cedar Creek

I am thrilled to add another guide...Cedar Creek written by Photographer David de Groot. David is a local in the area so he has indeed a huge knowledge about Cedar Creek. Make sure to check out his other work, David is a photographer doing much more than landscape. He is also actively involved in the local photographers community organising Brisbane meetups and Strobist events.
David is also active on Flickr and Redbubble
Thanks for your contribution Dave

Burleigh Heads

Another Gold Coast location added - Burleigh Heads. Just about an hour from Brisbane, the Burleigh Headland is a large Basalt outcrop formed by the eruption of Mount Warning some 22-million years ago.

Springbrook NP - Twin Falls

Ross & Cheryl have written another guide about the Springbrook NP. Springbrook has a reputation for its fantastic waterfalls. Many waterfalls flow down the rocky landscape and with recent rains they are truly spectacular.
The Twin Fall circuit might even be closed after heavy rain. Make sure to check the EPA flood closure updates.

Thank you Ross and Cheryl for your contribution.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lamington NP

Ross and Cheryl have written an overview/ or lazy persons guide to Lamington National Park! They are keen to do a couple of the easier walks, but will leave the full day walks to the younger and fitter.
Lamington NP covers 20,590ha and boasts extensive walking tracks along the McPherson Range.
Thank you Ross and Cheryl for your contribution.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Springbrook NP - Mt Cougal Section

Mount Cougal, Springbrook National Park is a mountainous section of Springbrook National Park (Gold Coast Hinterland), which is World Heritage-listed. Springbrook National Park consists of three distinct sections: Springbrook Plateau, Natural Bridge and Mount Cougal.
Thank you Ross and Cheryl for your wonderful contribution. Ross and Cheryl are border hoppers - they also published the Border Ranges in NSW guide.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girraween National Park

Girraween National Park is a park of massive granite outcrops, balancing boulders and clear tumbling cascades.
At an average elevation of 900m above sea level, Girraween National Park is on the northern extremity of the New England Tablelands. Girraween National Park's granite habitat is unique in Queensland. Roughly 225 million years of powerful acts of nature have created the foundations for Girraween National Park's dramatic landscape.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rainbow Beach - Gateway to Fraser Island

Rainbow Beach - A paradise south of Fraser Island.
Pristine Beaches, Dunes, Mangroves, Rainforest and a Lighthouse. What else do you want as a landscape photographer. This guide provides an overview of the nearby locations around Rainbow Beach.
You are invited to write a Guide for one of the specific locations presented in this guide.