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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mt Tamborine - Curtis Falls

Head up to Mt Tamborine for some great Rainforest images. Bordering Witches Falls National Park and lookout (the oldest National Park in Queensland and the third oldest in the world), the Curtis Waterfalls and walking tracks are a must see and do. Tamborine Mountain is only a short drive away from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Thank you Chris for writing such a great guide...hope to see more from you :-)


Oprah beth said...

Thanks for sharing such useful information. I love to see the Curtis waterfalls at Tambourine mountain. Can you tell me how much time it takes to reach Mount tamborine from Brisbane?

Garry said...

Hi Oprah, it's about an hours drive from Brisbane then you walk about 15min downhill to Curtis Falls. Enjoy

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